Catherine Keske, Ph.D..

Catherine Keske  Ph.D.

Bottle Cove, Newfoundland (CANADA)

catherine keske

Agricultural and Resource Economics and Policy

I am an Associate Professor of Management in the Ernest and Julio Gallo Management program in the School of Engineering at the University of California-Merced. 
I am an applied economist and social scientist who works on complex research problems involving management of coupled natural and human systems.  I utilize both qualitative and quantitative research methods in my research program, often in multiple phases, and I collaborate with natural scientists as well as other social scientists.  
My research coalesces around working lands in fragile or vulnerable ecosystems, including mountainous and semi-arctic regions of the world.  I study multiple issues in these regions that often involve land, energy, climate change, and rural economic development.  For example, in the past two years I've focused on food security and food sovereignty, waste management in northern climates, conversion of biomass into energy and/or biochar, and sense of place in the Old and New West.  My edited book Food Futures:    Growing a Sustainable Food System for Newfoundland and Labrador was published in May 2018 and my research on sense of place was recently featured on Capital Public Radio’s YosemiteLand and on UCTV: Managing private lands for public benefits.    You might also be interested in my project on biochar.

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